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Club Programs

Trips & Tickets

The Aircraft Club provides tours and programs, discount tickets, and retiree trips and meetings. Basic Members can sign up for these extra programs. 

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Trips & Programs

  • Bus Trip Programs
  • Sporting Events
  • Broadway Shows
  • New York City (shopping & Zoo)
  • Whale Watches
  • Boston Shopping
  • Retirees Group that meets monthly
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Discounted Tickets

  • Big E
  • XL Center
  • Uconn Parking
  • And much more……
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Retiree Trips & Meetings

PWA Retirees trips are open to all members. Member meetings are on the third Wednesday of every month except July and August @ 9:30am at The Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Club.

Coffee and light refreshments are offered as well as an hour of hired entertainment. Entertainment includes but is not limited to music and or singing and instruments, Health and Wellness speakers and financial speakers.


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